How long does an appointment last?

Approximately 30 minutes. We try not to take up too much of your time, but it’s an important purchase so we also want to properly educate you.

Why is an appointment even necessary?

Since our manufacturers will custom build your order, it’s important to spend the proper amount of time to show you samples of the glass, and explain the way the manufacturer makes the window, and explain the advantages of our products that will protect your home. We also discuss things like the warranties pertaining to various products.

Who should be at the appointment?

We’d like all homeowners to be present, but it’s certainly not required. We simply explain how our products benefit your family and your home, show you the options available, as we answer any questions, and the take the time to prepare an accurate quote based on your preferred selections in product and style which can impact your pricing.

Is the estimate free?

Yes, and our demonstration is free. We never just submit pricing without first interacting with and demonstrating the advantages of our products one way or another with homeowners. We provide a free project estimate based off of your various selections.


Do you offer impact windows?

Yes. Our windows are manufactured to surpass the rigorous industry testing practices. Our impact glass exceeds the industries top rated laminated impact glass standards for impact resistance, noise reduction. And energy savings.

Are your windows tested to meet Florida Product Approval?

Yes. All of our impact windows & impact doors are Miami Dade Tested and Approved (Miami Dade NOA) and come in different options and colors, and different strengths and impact ratings. We also offer many different styles, with custom options that meet the needs of our customers at the best possible prices. Our products can be installed in any home anywhere in the state of Florida. Homes in the Miami Dade Wind-Borne Debris Region may experience winds over 200 mph and our windows are tested to meet and exceed Miami-Dade’s HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) criteria.

Are your products energy efficient?

Yes. We offer specific products that surpass industry standards in energy efficiency and structural performance. Our insulated impact resistant windows deliver maximum energy efficiency.

Do your windows offer noise reduction?

Yes. While no manufacturer makes a window that is completely soundproof, our insulated windows definitely reduce sound transmission. Customers express their delight and are pleased by this benefit.

What kind of doors do you provide?

All of our doors provide: beauty, security, maximum strength and energy efficiency. Our entry doors give you the impact resistant features you are looking for, with a wide variety of options in order to customize the appearance of your chosen door in order to reflect you and your home’s unique style.

Do you offer aluminum windows?

Yes. Our quality aluminum windows and doors are designed for years of reliable performance, and smooth, easy, quiet operation with ease. Our aluminum products include double weather-stripping with interlocking meeting rails that keep wind and water out, all the while keeping your air conditioning and heating in. Our aluminum windows and doors are low maintenance and can fit any budget.

Do you offer vinyl windows?

Yes. Both our Aluminum and Vinyl product lines offer advanced and innovative designs, maximum UV protection, and the best impact-resistance and  strength. Our impact resistant products have never received an impact failure reported.

Coverage Area

What areas do you service?

We are happy to provide impact solutions throughout Southeast Florida. Call us to confirm your own service area.


What are your prices? 

It’s just too variable to say. Since we offer custom ordered windows and doors, and we have so many options available such as energy efficient windows and weather resistant impact windows in a variety of styles, grid patterns, colors and variations in product and style that can affect your pricing. In order to give you a proper price quote, we ask that you contact us to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation quote.

What financing or payment options are available?

Besides credit cards, pay pal, online check services, and wire transfer etc..

We are an approved Y Green Partner.

We offer homeowners and business Ygrene’s award-winning PACE program, which has built-in consumer protections, and delivers greater choices by providing affordable and accessible financing for energy efficiency purposes, dealing with storm protection upgrades.

The Process

After the agreement and paperwork is complete, what happens next?

Here is an outline of our current process but it can change with unexpected issues such as changes in your order, or any unexpected repairs that might need addressed prior to installation.


  1. After your contract is signed it is checked to make sure everything is correct and in order.
  2. A detailed measurement appointment will be scheduled and a trained field technician will come out and will take an exact final measurement of your windows and/or doors.
  3. Our installation department will then double check those details. Your order will then be submitted to the manufacturer and the order will be placed in the skew to be custom manufactured.
  4. We will also coordinate with our architect to submit permit applications.
  5. Once your order is finished being manufactured, an installation date will be coordinated with you and scheduled.
  6. Your installation will usually last 1-2 days, but could be slightly longer depending on the scope of the work.
  7. After the installation is complete, we request the final inspection. Some areas around your windows may be left exposed for the inspector to approve.
  8. After the inspection, we will return to do a post-job inspection.
  9. Now you get to enjoy the safety, security and comfort of your beautiful, new windows for many years to come.


Do you do window repairs?

K Line only repairs products that we install from our own installations. If you are a K Line Impact customer looking for service, please contact us.