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Our main objective is to provide our customers with the best windows and doors to protect  you and your family. The clear range of benefits provided in each of our individually customized lines is an obvious benefit. Based on our customers desires, budget, and location, we offer product lines that will provide hurricane and storm impact-resistance, with energy-efficiency, design appeal and maximum security.

Our windows are manufactured to surpass the rigorous industry testing practices.

All of our impact windows & impact doors are Miami Dade Tested and Approved (Miami Dade NOA) and come in different options and colors, and different strengths and impact ratings. We also offer many different styles, with custom options that meet the needs of our customers at the best possible prices.

Our impact glass exceeds the industries top rated laminated impact glass standards for impact resistance, noise reduction. And energy savings.

Single Hung Windows


The most popular and classic window style that features an up and down sliding bottom sash that provides the ventilation. Our windows feature industrial spiral balances to enable effortless lifting. The bottom sash does not open outward, making them a great option for windows facing areas like porches where an open window might obstruct the walkway. Offered in various styles and sizes with laminated glass or laminated insulated glass. Manufactured in various materials like aluminum, vinyl, wood or fiberglass frame with variations of colors available in order to match your personal taste.

Single Hung Window

Single Hung Impact Windows


Double Hung Windows


Has removable/movable top and bottom sashes that slide to open vertically. Constant force balance system for smooth, easy operation. Comes with a spiral balance system that is a standard feature on larger window sizes which ensures ease of sash operation, but is also an optional upgrade for any window size

Also comes with Secure Connect integrated corner keys for added sash strength with a tilt sash design for easier exterior cleaning.

Has a tilt latch that provides added strength for holding the sash embedded in the frame, which presents cleaner sight lines.

Stylish lift handles will provide comfort which also allows ease of operation. Comes with options to add style and beauty by selecting your favorite hardware finish. Optional lift rail for an alternative opening method.

Has beveled meeting rail which enhances the visual profile

Configuration options
– Proview/Oriel, Cottage, and custom sashes

Standard glass options
– Laminated Insulating Glass (impact-resistant)

double hung windows

Double Hung Impact Windows


Casement Windows

Hinged on each side casement windows open outward similar to a door. A great option if you like clear views outside your window allowing a nice breeze to enter the room. They also have an easy-to-use handle that is ideal for areas a little too far out of reach which would make it difficult to open like a window over your kitchen sink. The open or close handle gives the window a weather-tight seal that offers the best energy savings. So with these beautifully designed impact resistant casement windows you can let the air flow in. These windows also come in a wide variety frame colors, materials and styles to choose from.


Casement Impact Windows

Horizontal Roller Windows

Horizontal Roller Windows or sliding windows have bottom tracks and top tracks in the frame to allow horizontal sliding from one side to the other side, which allows a nice breeze to enter the room. Horizontal Roller windows can be ordered in combinations of two and three panels. The sash on Horizontal Roller Windows can be easily removed for convenient cleaning of the window. The rollers are manufactured from durable industrial materials to easily handle the extra weight of impact glass for ease of operation. Horizontal Roller Windows are an ideal choice to meet egress requirements.

Horizontal Sliding Glass Impact Windows

Architectural Impact Windows

Fixed (non-operable) windows, often used as accent windows and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They provide maximum light and can serve as a standalone or a companion window. They come with installation covers for a complete, clean appearance.

Popular Fixed Lite Architectural shapes

Half Fan, Fan, Hexagon, Full Circle, Oval, Half Hot Dog, Quarter Circle, Half Eye Brow, Half Arch, Elliptical, Half Elliptical, Gothic, Triangle, Dog House, Hot Dog, trapezoid, Arch, Half Circle, Quatrefoil, and Eye Brow

Standard glass options;
– Laminated Glass (impact-resistant)


Architectural Impact Windows


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Now that you know what to expect from your impact windows quote you will have a much better understanding of the value you will be getting for your money.

All of our windows are custom manufactured to your homes specifications.

Our window and door designs are custom manufactured according to the architectural needs of your property. There are many different variations to choose from when considering all the different styles and shapes, from contemporary frames with curves or bows that can achieve a unique architectural look.

Energy Efficient; Manufactured with high impact laminated glass with a choice of either strengthened Vinyl or high quality aluminum frames.

Now that you know what to expect from your impact windows quote you will have a much better understanding of the value you will be getting for your money.


Our Impact windows and doors can do more than just beautify. They can decrease your homes energy usage to lower cooling and heating costs. Our windows and doors serve as a great barrier against wasted energy.  The quality materials used in the frames or the double-pane insulating glass make our windows and doors your home’s best option to conserve your homes energy.

Many of the products we offer provide various opportunities to achieve the ENERGY STAR® ratings that will improve the energy performance in your home even further.


  • Argon gas reflects the outside heat and serves to regulate your homes inside temperature
  • Low-E delivers a high-performance coating that deflects solar heat gain and prohibits the unwanted heat outside of your home from entering
  • Tints added to the glass are effective at reducing the heat from being transmitted through the windows
Energy Star


Learn about energy efficiency and how to save energy and money in your own home.

Energy Efficiency

Impact glass will optimize the efficiency in your home and maximize your family’s quality of life. For those reasons, we provide a wide selection of types of impact glass including laminated glass, insulating glass or laminated insulating glass. Each of these types can decrease your homes energy usage to lower cooling and heating costs.

Care & Maintenance

All of the windows and doors we offer only require a reasonable care regimen with periodic cleaning in order to maximize durability and optimized operation. It’s easy to keep your Custom Windows + Doors in top shape for the life of the product.



Our manufacturers stand behind their products.





And more…

K Line Impact offers an extensive line of vinyl and aluminum windows and great solutions that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

We take pride in our windows and doors which are manufactured at the highest levels using the best materials that achieve the most accurate production of each custom product , including:

  • High-quality vinyl
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Glass from the most respected manufacturers

Our vinyl and aluminum windows are also manufactured to suit any large scale commercial projects as well as residential new construction and remodels.